Enjoy wet floor


Project Duration : 16 Weeks
Senior Art Director : Nik Parekh

Summer in Dubai means temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so it comes as no surprise that the waterparks here mean big business. Dreamland waterpark is one of the most popular waterparks in Dubai and as such always seeks to produce a substantial advertising campaign in advance of the summer months. 

The Challenge

The challenge this year, was to create a 360-degree campaign that stepped out of the usual print and poster format and utilized ambient advertising. The campaign needed to entice the viewer in, and create a reaction, which would have them longing to visit the attraction. 

The Idea

Our idea was multi-faceted. Firstly, using the ubiquitous "Caution - Wet Floor" safety triangles which are seen around offices and shopping malls, we decided to change the message to, "Enjoy - Wet Floor" and place these in malls, offices and other public places. In addition, we used these props in the press ad, increasing the viewers’ awareness and familiarity of the prop. 

We also created ambient 3D floor stickers showing a splash of water. By placing these at the bottom of escalators and in parking garages, viewers would inadvertently step onto the water and unconsciously imagine how it would feel if it were real water. By doing so, our campaign reminded the viewer of the pleasure of visiting Dreamland waterpark and prompted them to wonder when their next visit would be.