Reach out and touch life

Project Duration : 10 Weeks
Art Director : Nik Parekh

In a bid to win a new advertising contract, the Dettol global team from Euro RSCG needed to develop a creative pitch for Dettol, the disinfectant from the Reckitt Benckiser Group. The team wanted to pitch a new idea, creating an emotional connection between the viewer and the product, while promoting the benefits of the product. 

The Challenge

For over 80 years, Dettol has been used in hospitals worldwide for cleaning and disinfecting skin during surgical procedures. The active, germ-killing ingredients of the product are both strong and gentle on the skin and this led the brand towards products consumers could use at home. Their current message tells us that Dettol hand wash removes 99% of all germs and reduces the chance of infections from other people, animals and the natural environment. 

Traditionally, their adverts showed kids playing with, and touching things their parents would prefer they didn’t and the initial repulsion reaction of the parent, followed by the application of the product to minimize the risk of infection. However, studies show, today’s customers are less likely to respond to an advert’s scare tactics, as they would have done fifty years ago. Our challenge was to stay on message while making the benefits of the product come across in a more positive way. 

The Idea

We saw that the new message needed to promote the benefits of living a full and fun lifestyle, without the worry, and how Dettol made this happen. We created a campaign showing people from all walks of life doing things that made them happy or proud, safe in the knowledge that Dettol was always there to protect them. 

Our theme, “Reach out and touch life”, was central to the campaign. Go fishing, plant a seed, play ball and grab hold of life. Don’t let a fear of getting your hands dirty come between you and the things you enjoy.