Macbook Air campaign

Project Duration : 8 Weeks
Art Director : Nik Parekh

In 2008, Apple engaged Euro RSCG Middle East (Dubai office) to promote their latest MacBook Air, which had just launched worldwide. 

The Objective

A unique selling point of the new MacBook Air was its lightness and tininess, which made it the lightest and the thinnest laptop in the world. While, on its own, this function was simply a statistic, the benefits of this efficiency meant a myriad of different benefits to a range of customers. This could be its ease of transportation, more effortless handling, or the prestige of owning the best notebook model on the market. However, Apple understood that the trimmest notebook on the market also needed a very trim and efficient marketing campaign. They didn’t want to write an essay to tell users about the benefits, and they didn’t want to state the obvious, either. They needed sublime, visual ads with minimal text, which allowed the viewer to perceive the product's benefits, and it needed to be done flawlessly. 

The Idea

We delivered three visual concepts, which played with words and views that people positively associated with thinness. 

The first, “100% Fat-Free”, emphasized how Apple had slimmed down their product, playing on the viewer’s perception of the positive connotations of low fat food. 

The second contained a scientific lean, playing on the faux notion that its lightness could be used to disprove Newton’s Theory of Gravity. 

The third concept was designed specifically to be used in posters and print adverts in Dubai and across the Middle East. This ad draws the viewer’s attention to the product’s relative weightlessness while also underscoring its performance muscle, and potential to replace the business computer. 

Taken together, the three pieces delivered a homogenous and impactful message on the MacBook Air’s features and benefits, but also, its desirability.