Working as a Strategy Lead for Samsung Next, my task is to identify, develop and represent the Next Big Thing. Innovation is obviously a huge driver in everything we do, but more importantly, human-centered thinking remains the central theme. Sometimes as creators we can become distracted by the brilliance of a concept up close. Ironically, stepping back to look at the big picture – the whole picture from 50,000 feet – is the only way to make sure we’re focusing on community-driven design.

I have often been asked why I moved from advertising to Service Design and the answer is simple. In advertising, you have an end product and you need to find a way to make it as desirable as possible to your target market. You need to communicate its worth, value and importance. In Service Design you get to influence the original product to create a result which speaks for itself and grows by reputation. Both disciplines are strategy driven, but Service Design allows me to see the human as part of the development strategy and the success of the product. And with Service Design “the proof is in the pudding”. Good advertising allows you to acquire customers. Good Service Design is how you retain them.

Working with Samsung Next has given me the opportunity to work with some of the most important new names in technology and innovation. Companies like Dis.co, which is taking cloud computing to the next level and Whisk, the AI food platform, are all about making life for the user better, healthier and less stressful. It’s what human-centered thinking is all about.

Service design, community design, and human-centered thinking are my three great professional passions. Over the last two years, I’ve been sharing my thoughts and finding on these topics via Medium and my personal blog. Based on the success of my articles, I’ve been encouraged to tackle a larger challenge. I’m currently in the process of authoring my first book.